Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow???

Ours? Well.....it grows in buckets. By choice? No, not really. But with the backyard serving as a baseball diamond as well as a basketball court and a football field, a garden in the yard was...well....just not too practical.

So we improvised.

You see, in previous years, my husband has just planted a couple tomato plants and a squash or zucchini here or there. But this year?? We stepped outside the box....er...bucket (if you will). He planted tomatoes, zucchini, yellow squash, and jalapenos. I added in some Romaine lettuce for kicks and grins...just to see if I could grow it again during the spring/summer (had great success with it in the fall).

And then I got to thinking while looking through a gardening magazine. (For those of you who don't know me well.....this is just a little out of character for me. I'm not an outdoorsy kind of girl, and I certainly have never had a green thumb. But I've taken a liking to it lately, for whatever reason.....and I refuse to think that it's just because I'm getting older. Well, okay, maybe it is, but can we just move on with this???)

As I was saying, I got to looking in a magazine, and saw that we could possibly plant green beans and let them grow upwards! Now, loving green beans, this sounded like a splendid idea, and so that's what we did. And they are going crazy!!!! So much so, that my husband had to move the buckets from the back porch to the swing set, and then disassemble my make-shift clothesline, into a "bean trellis", so-to-speak.

And should I be concerned that my big excitement for the day, is going out to see how much they've grown in 24 hours? I mean, really.....my husband marked on the line where they were, and within 24 hours, they had grown about 6 inches!!!! Amazing....or at least it is to me....I'm a novice.

And then I look at my kids, that seem to be growing at the same rate of speed. Those boys seem to get taller every time I look at them! And the girls? Well....today is the last day at the high school for the seniors, which according to Kaleigh, will officially make her a senior as of tomorrow.....and I'm not sure I was quite ready for that. I thought I had the whole summer to prepare.

In the small amount of gardening that I'm involved with, I see that it is so similar to parenting. You give them nourishment, you protect them from things that can hurt them, and you watch them grow.

I can't wait to see how our garden grows this summer.....I'm just sayin'.