Friday, June 7, 2013

I think it's safe to say......

that Jack is glad he isn't an only child. 

No really.  I'm serious. 

He is the fourth child, and has no concept of life without a constant companion.....or well....he didn't until last week.

First day of summer vacation, Memorial Day, and Destin was volunteering at work with his daddy....which left Jack at home with me and Karissa. 

It was a beautiful day, and we had tossed around a few ideas....maybe bowling with some free passes we had,  but it's no fun to bowl alone, and between an untimely pinched nerve in my neck and his sister's ongoing struggle with her shoulder and hips, he would have been literally bowling alone.  Not cool. 

So at the last minute I asked him if he would like to just go down to the pier and see if he could catch any which he agreed.  He loaded up his things....but it just didn't seem the same without Destin. 

Sophie thought she should get to come along since we didn't have Destin....and she thoroughly enjoyed the view, and the wind in her hair....and she even looked rather patriotic....well....sort of.

So Jack began setting out the crab baskets, baiting them with chicken legs....and after getting them all down in the water, he proceeded to walk to the end of the pier.....all by himself. 

I think that was a long walk......

But he was a good sport about it, and began fishing.....alone.

But it wasn't long before I could see from my view that somebody was missin' his older brother.......

He's killin' me here......

Ahem.  I'm getting too sappy these days....moving on. 

So then he decided to try his hand at throwing the cast net.  Now....I need to just go ahead and tell you that it appears that has become a lost art or talent.....or however that saying goes. 

No...really!  When Darwin was a kid.....he threw it all the time, and I would venture to say that he wasn't the only kid his age who would be out on the pier doing it!  But'd think I had a traveling road show the way people stop, watch, look, and ask questions about what exactly he is doing and what he is trying to catch!  ( DOES seem like I have a traveling road show when they all pile out of the van......but that's another story for another day.)

Those questioning folks are all very obviously not native to this area.....

And I'm not even gonna' is pretty cool to watch.  Especially when you have a handy dandy new camera that can catch multiple shots :) get ready.....there's gonna' be a few pictures. 

How cool is that???

Don't worry....I'm not quitting my day job being a stay at home mom to become a fast action sports photographer.....but I was rather impressed with the setting that allowed me to snap multiple consecutive pictures and actually capture the moment. 

I know....I'm easily impressed. 

But after only catching a few little bait fish, and spending all day alone....checking for crabs in the baskets

And tempting the scavengers  sea gulls who suddenly were his best friends while taking the bait out of the crab baskets.....he decided to call it a day. 

But the day wasn't a total loss....we got to witness several family outings.......
I guess Canadian Geese celebrate Memorial Day too??

And it WAS the official beginning of it would stand to reason that we could do the same thing two days in a row...only this time.....we were gonna' do it right.  With his very best friend in the whole world. 

That's right.  The next day Destin came along.  And thank goodness he did....not only was he good moral support, he got things rolling early!!!!  He caught a red fish! And even though he couldn't keep did give them some hope that things would be looking up that day!

Aren't my photography skills amazing?  Ummm......was I more concerned about snapping a pic of the fish from my phone than including my son's face???
Embarrassing really. 

Let's move on to that function on the fancy camera that snaps multiple shots, shall we?  Perhaps I won't cut off faces that way.

So Destin decided it was time to bring out the big guns...and by that...I mean the mack daddy cast net.  Very heavy, very big, and able to spread out and hopefully catch some mullet.

I get exhausted just watching them throw the cast net from my chair under the shade tree. 

I know....I's a tough life but somebody's gotta' supervise, and we definitely don't want mama out there showing off her cast net throwing skills...because....well....I have none. 

But Destin does.....and it paid off on the first throw.

Yep....he caught two mullet in that throw.  And for those of you that aren't local?  That means that whatever you had planned for dinner tonight or tomorrow just changed.....because that's some good eatin'. 

However...mullet doesn't freeze well.  At all.  Don't let anyone try to tell you that it does.  It gets strong and fishy tasting.  So it MUST be fixed right away.....and to be honest....fried is the way to go.  I am all about eating healthy and grilling fish....but mullet needs to go straight into some seasoned corn meal and into a fryer. 

Problem is....we gotta' have more than two.  You do the math.  That's only four fillets, and I gotta' feed those big ole' boys!!!

So back at it he went.  All.  Day.  Long.   Searching out the best place to see if the "mullet were running" (another locals term.) 

And he must have just gotten lucky on the first throw because he only caught two more the rest of the day.....but that was enough to warrant bringing them home.  So I bought some fish to go with it and Destin was the hero for dinner that night.

Fried Mullet, Cheese Grits, and Coleslaw....that my friends is what these southern folks would call a good dinner. 

And I think it's safe to say, that Jack will always be thankful that God didn't choose for him to be an only child.....because this is how I usually find them.  Together. 

Because they are best buds. 

I'm just sayin'.