Friday, January 7, 2011

The whole concept of the "onesie drawer"......

started back....oh probably about the time that baby number four came along.  That would be Jack....ya'll already knew that because of how hard I cried over my last post

Please don't get me started again. 

I mean...I don't know about you and your house, but let's do the math, here, shall we?? 

Okay.  Six days in a week....that's hopefully 42 pair of underwear in the laundry.  And....84 socks.  (Shout out to my friend Mary with 10 children....I can't even count that high!)

So...just to check my math....6 people with 2 feet each = 12 socks per day x 7 days in a week = 84 socks. 

This is just socks and underwear....and I'm gonna' stop here for a second.  That's a lotta' laundry.  I haven't even gotten to the number of towels, jeans, school uniform pants, scrubs, etc. that are in there. girls have been doing their own laundry ever since they decided to get an attitude about when a certain shirt they loved wasn't clean for years now.  So truthfully, I have less now then I did back when this whole "onesie drawer" thing started. 

Oh yes....the "onesie drawer".  I've gotten all off track. 

So I finally decided one day, after much frustration with the ridiculous amount of laundry that I was doing...only to find mismatched socks throughout....that I would create the "onesie drawer" in an effort to give these socks a place to live until their mates were found. 

Every so often, I would dig everything out of the drawer and lay each sock out and begin the matching. 

And that's all fine and good, until you suddenly discover that you have this many socks in the "onesie drawer" and none of them have mates!!!! 

And you will notice....those are just the dark socks....

Not sure how I only had this small amount of white ones, except that I think I got mad one day over the Christmas break and decided to "pair up the onesie drawer socks"'s a productive stress reliever at times.   

And you will notice....that some of the onesies actually had mates in the very same drawer with them....they just didn't know it!!!

And three of the same sock in the drawer??? 

No wonder Jack can never find any socks for school!!!  They're hiding in the drawer!

And I'm not sure why I even have any of the girls' socks in my possession, because we have already established that they are suppose to take care of their own laundry.  A certain oldest child got tired of fighting with her sister over who's socks were she resorted to buying LOUD colored socks so that she could tell hers apart!!!  Betcha' can't miss 'em.

And I know you aren't going to believe this....but after my little "sock photo shoot", I walked in here to sit down, upload the pictures and blog....and lo and behold what was staring me in the face??? guessed it.  A laundry basket with MORE onesie socks.  I just couldn't believe my eyes. 

The washer and dryer must be eating the mates to all of these socks....or maybe, just maybe.....they've made their way into the wrong drawers....because look what I just captured on camera. 

If I'm not mistaken...I see three of my husband's socks in the BOYS sock/underwear drawer!!  Two of them are even paired up in a ball and one is loose....and that's just on the surface! 

I think I may be on to something here.....

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Girl you know that dryer eats those socks or they go down the drain or something, b/c I have the same problem and I am bitter about it!