Monday, July 9, 2012

You know it's the fourth child when.......

  • You realize on the way to church camp drop-off that you failed to pack your child a hair brush for the week....and you don't turn back around to go home and get one.

  • You're just proud he did pack his toothbrush!

  • You're standing in line with the other 110 campers and over-anxious parents, and you realize that you have failed to stick a pair of socks in the suitcase as well....and your child says, "Awww mom....I don't need 'em"...and you accept that answer as okay.

  • You second guess yourself and text your two teenage, sleeping daughters to see if they could run a pair of socks and a hairbrush up there quickly, and they don't respond because they never heard the text.....and your child insists that he will be fine without them, .....and you accept that answer as okay.

  • You realize that out of everything that you did label, the two things that you haven't labeled he is wearing on his body, one of which is a camp t-shirt that all 110 other campers have one identical to, so you quickly find a Sharpie marker and label them in spite of his groanings of, "MOM....stop......somebody's gonna' see you...." and you never miss a beat....two seconds later his shorts and shirt tags are both labeled. 

  • You tell the "camp nurse" that "if his glasses happen to break...he really can't see all that well, so if there's a Wal-Mart close by, maybe someone could take them there and they'll fix them quickly for free"......(I wish I could say that I didn't say that....but that would be lying)

  • The only concern your child has is which youth/children's pastor is going to be the one who can jump on the "blob" and catapult him the farthest into the lake....and he's talking smack the whole time we're in line. (Oh Lord bless those camp counselors!)

  • Your child can't wait to RUN down the hallway to his all time favorite children's church worker and jump in his arms tackle him....and it doesn't hurt your feelings that he never looked back.

  • You realize that all you have is your phone camera and the picture is blurry but you don't make him stand there so you can get a better picture.

  • You don't cry when leaving the parking lot....even when you see three ginormous charter busses lined up to leave with your child on a 3 hour journey, but instead you pray for all of the workers who you know will be dead by week's end.....

  • You come home and start to get a little sad, realizing that you just sent your baby off to camp....and wonder where the time has gone, but realize that if you over think it you will be instead you blog.
I'm just sayin'.