Wednesday, January 6, 2016

From this point forward.....

I'm just gonna' be "keepin' it real".  

No really....I am.  I probably won't be brave enough to post horrendous selfies or anything.....but I have been thinking about how NOT real our Facebook lives are, and have decided that maybe by posting "real" pictures, that folks will realize that their "real" lives aren't so bad.  

So let's just get started, shall we? 

Here's my keepin' it real picture for the day.....

Yep....that's our Christmas tree.  I took it down the day after Christmas.  I was all gung ho about getting that thing outta' here this year.  It had stopped drinking water, and frankly, it just hadn't been looking good for about a week or so.  But if I am REALLY being honest....I do this every year.  I LOVE putting the tree up, but I am over it by Christmas day.  

And typically.....I would have one of the girls haul it off to the local fire house where they would let you drop them off.  But this year was a little different, and for a myriad of different reasons.....that darn tree is STILL laying in my driveway, on January 6th.   We weren't in town for a couple of days.....and now school has started back, and I don't have the truck at my disposal anymore because we have a new driver in the house.....but that's a whole blog post in and of itself.  

So there it sits.  Looking like we don't know what to do when Christmas is over.  I'm sure the neighbors are beginning to wonder.....

But like I said....I'm gonna' keep it real.  

So while I am at it.....let's just go ahead and take a look at the living room, shall we??

See?  Not perfect.  Jeans from a backpack slung into a chair, boots lefts where they were taken off, a new toy from Santa for Sophie there on the couch, and a much loved "Dilla" on the floor (no that isn't a dead rodent in my house.....Sophie has a stuffed armadillo which is her favorite),  some socks on the floor, unruly wires and charging cords.....oh! And fancy that?!  A laundry basket.  

There you have it.  Not perfect, not pretty, and not the way that I would like it to look.  BUT......the reality is, that's what it looked like 30 minutes ago, and because I have chosen to sit here and blog a bit, it's what it still looks like.  

See here's the thing.  We all get caught up in the "wanting things to look perfect for the picture that we post on Facebook or Instagram.  But the fact is.....none of us are perfect.  Not our houses, our bodies, our marriages, our kids, but that's ok.  God doesn't expect us to be.  He wants us to give Him our that he can make something beautiful out of our lives.  

So while we are on the subject of not being's probably a good time to say that I hope to be back to blogging again.  The last couple of years have just flown by....surgeries and recoveries, becoming a high school football mom (LOVE THAT), working,  but I hope to be back on here more regularly.  

So how about you?  Does the thought of keepin' it real scare you to death?  Or would you be willing for someone to see how not perfect your life is?  

If seeing my imperfections makes one person feel better about their own......then perhaps I will have succeeded.  

I'm just sayin'.