Saturday, April 3, 2010

Why do I do this???

I mean, I realize that we have calendars and all, but you have to agree....Easter is not on the same date every year like Christmas is, and while it IS April...I just am not ready. At. All.

And I realize that sitting here on the computer is not helping me accomplish any of the many tasks I have before me, but if there's one thing I allow myself everyday, it's my coffee time. Period. And for those of you wondering.....yes, it has to have creamer. Those of you who know me even know what kind. Coffee-mate Hazelnut. The real stuff. None of this fat-free nonsense. I mean, really, a girl's gotta' have her creamer....because otherwise, what's the use of drinking the coffee? (sorry, I have gotten WAY off track here.....I believe we were discussing all of the things I have to do today)

Anyway, as I was saying. I have a list a mile long of things to do.....and I ask myself. Am I the only one who is completely not ready for tomorrow??

  • two dozen stuffed Easter eggs to the church by 10am today so the boys can go to the hunt (watch out I come!!!!!)
  • both boys at baseball practice by noon
  • out of town company passing through around 4pm (which if you will recall in my very first blog post, I shared how my living room REALLY looks most of the time, so I think it goes without saying, that I should be folding laundry right now, instead of blogging)
  • decide what I'm wearing to church my age, it's not always a "new Easter dress" like it was when I was little....and matter of fact? It probably won't even be a dress!!!
  • plan our menu for Easter dinner.....and yes, I do realize now, that that is TOMORROW we're talking about
  • "shopping" and all you parents know what I mean by that......but the big question is....will there be anything left???? And do I DARE to venture to Wal-Mart on the Saturday before Easter??? Ummm........I'm thinkin' the dollar store might be a much better option.
  • kitchen cleaned, bathroom cleaned, living room vacuumed, dusted........

I'm thinkin' it's gonna' be one of them days. You know the kind. Where I'm flyin' through the house, shouting orders like a drill instructor.....

"Where's your glove?, No! I have no idea where you laid it....I don't use it! Hurry up and get in the car! Has anyone seen my keys?? (which would be an opportunity for them to remind me that "they" don't use them, but they know better than to use my line!!!) Here....stuff an egg....we're about to pull into the parking lot! What? You forgot to brush your teeth?'s a mint and just don't breathe in anyone's face! Okay....hop out and tell your coach that you're sorry we're late....again! Well, I'm sorry you haven't had some sunflower seeds out of your'll be fine! I'll be back to get you when I'm finished dropping off your brother, and you had BETTER behave & listen to your coach! And excuse me teenage daughter???? Why yes it most certainly IS your weekend to clean the bathroom, and NO I do not CARE who left the washcloths in the shower!!!! And clean your ROOM!!!!"


And then I am reminded, that in all of this craziness, I never want to forget what we are really celebrating. The fact that we serve a RISEN SAVIOR. He not only took on the burden of our sin, but He died to redeem us and rose again so that we could live with Him forever. For this I am truly thankful!!

I'm just sayin'.


  1. Drink your coffee black like an adult. Creamer is like training wheels for coffee. Did you remember to feed the fish? Hopefully he still has water in his bowl. LOL Love You!

  2. Oh to my dear sweet husband. Let's just say that you need to be thankful for my "training wheels", because without them....I would not be a nice wife or mother. And fish? We have a fish? I'm afraid he's gonna' have to go another day without eating. I'm just sayin'.