Monday, March 22, 2010

Why is it........

that our human nature causes us to look at the negative instead of the positive. Why do we have to train ourselves to see the positive in a situation?

Over the course of the past few weeks, I have truly had some stressful days. Days that made me want to run for the hills.....and never look back. Other days I was checking my blood pressure to be sure I wasn't past the boiling point (whatever that is....) And for some reason, there just was no end to the madness.

Long, drawn out lengthy heated discussions with older children, while the younger two laid in the bed with the flu, a loud, noisy dryer, a leaking refrigerator, a lost contact. I just sort of felt like I had a dark cloud hanging over my head.....and it seemed to be following me. Every day I would say, " is going to be a better day." But something new would happen, and I would get discouraged and disgruntled, and by bedtime, my "better day" was long gone, and I was hoping the next morning would bring another "better day".

Oh sure, there were times when I would catch myself and say....."things could be worse", and then.....they would get worse.

But then something happened.

God deliberately put multiple people in my path who stopped me and told me what amazing children I have. They actually pulled me aside to tell me specific things that they saw in my teenagers, that they felt were worthy of noting and talked about what role models they were.

I had to step back and say,"Wow." I am blessed beyond measure. I didn't deserve to have God's grace and favor on my life.

I have known so many women who have yearned to give birth to a child and hold it in their arms, and yet God chose to bless me with four incredible, healthy children. Yes....they cause my house to be loud, crowded, and sometimes full of drama. But there are so many people whose homes are quiet, spacious and empty and they would give anything for my crazy life!

God has been very strategic in getting my attention the past couple of days. I do have a job to do as a parent to guide, direct, and discipline. But it is my God given privilege and He chose me to be their mother. If I wasn't capable (as I feel so many times), He wouldn't have given them to me.

I read a post in my friend's blog today at
Owlhaven and she wrote about the very way that I was feeling. "Of Ballrooms and Kitchens. And letting it begin with me" (Although her writing was far more eloquent then if you go there and read it, don't decide that you don't like my blog anymore because hers is better! :-) Of course it is! She's far more experienced than I am and has TEN children!!!)

I am human. I have bad days. But I am blessed.

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I hope you are having some better days this week!