Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where have I been????

Well....that's a good question.  Glad you asked. 

I, my friend, have been busy as a beaver, trying to get through Mardi Gras season a few weeks back (if your geographical area doesn't celebrate it, count your blessings), and in more recent weeks, rushing the boys to countless baseball practices and doctor appointments. 

No...nobody is sick.  Just Karissa...again.  That's another story for another day.

But for now...let's talk about that Mardi Gras season I mentioned. 

I's the thing.  Parades are fine and all, but every night for two or more weeks is a bit much.  In my immediate vicinity, there are fewer but still three or four. 

And you can only yell, "Moon Pie, Moon Pie" so many times before you start feeling like a complete idiot with all the beads around your neck, all while trying to keep your over zealous 8 year old (not mentioning any names here) from getting run over by gigantic floats. 

It's just not my thing. 

And if it's yours...don't hate me. 

But the real kicker is that they get out of school here for two days for it.  (Really???  Are you kidding me???)  So if you're not into going to the parades for an entire day, you better have some good plans up your sleeve, or you're gonna' go nuts with the kids at home.  (Probably how those of you having snow days feel.)

And I do realize that there are parts of the country that are still experiencing winter weather, but down's suppose to be spring.  But unfortunately, the weather is unpredictable.  One day you're in your swimming suit at the people are....I'M not....but you get the idea....and the next day you're running the heater.  

The boys had been begging Darwin to let them go and "throw the nets", and in typical older-and-wiser-fashion...he had told them,"no...too cold, too much rain, mullet won't be running....". 

So they apparently thought it might go over a little better if they asked me...seeing as how they were out of school for Mardi Gras.  (How could I turn them down when I knew every other child had swindled their parents into yet another parade?)

You're right.

I couldn't. 

And I would give anything if you could have heard their reaction when I actually said, "Well....I guess we can ride down to the pier and give it a shot." 

Oh.  My.  Word. 

I don't think they would have been any more excited if I would have offered them a million bucks.  You should have heard them whoopin' and a hollerin' in the garage getting all of their gear ready.  They assured me they had it all under control....and I could hear the excitement in their voices, stumbling and bumbling all over themselves. 


And on the inside, being the avid fisherman that I am, (NOT), I knew that we were probably wasting our time.  It had rained the previous two days...the water was going to be muddy, and it was cold.  (I know...I sound like I know what I'm talking about...but I learn fast.)

My husband was full of encouragement when he found out, telling me that we were wasting our time....but I was quick to remind him, "Ummm...honey, aren't YOU the one that always tells me that half of the fun is the anticipation???"  Mmmmmhmmm.....I won that one. 

Let me tell you....those boys weren't kidding when they told me that they had everything "under control".  My van was loaded and ready to go within less than five minutes.

Not too shabby!  They got all their bases covered.  Nets, fishing rods, tackle boxes, and a bowl for all the fish they were going to catch!!!  (Bless their hearts...)

So it was time.  Cast net in hand, Destin did what only few can do and gave it a whirl.   

And I'm not even gonna' lie.  I know the water just below the bulk head there is very shallow, but being the scaredy cat that I makes me nervous for them to be up there like that.  And their daddy wasn't along to help me out if they fell in!!

Jack didn't even let me finish my speech about being careful and not actually standing on top of it before he had cast his net over the edge. 

Gulp. I suspected, the only thing we caught was attention....and unfortunately, it wasn't from young females taking a stroll on the pier.

Nope....I think it was a group of female snow-birds who had decided to meander out on the pier that day, and who had obviously never seen a cast Destin was forced to politely answer questions and listen to oohhhhs and aaahhhhsss from ladies much older than he might be interested in. 

And don't be fooled by the sunshine in the pictures.  It was very windy that day, and with water splashing up from the nets, it was cold....very cold. 

So after a few casts coming up empty handed, Destin decided to try his hand at just good ole' fishin'. 

But this didn't prove to be any more productive.


It looked like we weren't gonna' be having fresh caught fish for dinner that night. 

And that was okay, because in their eyes, I had just earned the title of "Mother of the Year" for letting them try. 

And it was worth every cent of over priced gasoline to get there. 

I'm just sayin'. 

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  1. Your such a good momma, I'm so impressed!