Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mom, can we use buttermilk for my smoothie????

Yea.  He asked. 

Poor child...he had already looked for milk and discovered we were out.  And...he had already asked about yogurt for a smoothie...and we were out. 

I gotta' hand it to an 8 year old who asks about buttermilk for a smoothie.  And had it not expired the first week of February, we could have probably worked something out, seeing as how it's tart like plain yogurt.  But expired for two don't think so. 

But I knew I was in trouble when he asked about the half-n-half creamer in there. 

Oh boy.....I'm thinking it's time to go to the store.   

You's "grocery day"....and it is long overdue. 

And I'm not even talking about the run for bread, milk and eggs.  No this is gonna' be the serious trip.  The kind I've got to sweat and toil over. 

You know the kind.  Plan the meals, make the list, spend 3 hours in Wal-Mart, run into everyone I know the day I decide not to wear make up, forget to give the cashier the coupons I worked so hard to match of those shopping trips.

And it's sad...because when I leave the house....I feel rich.  And in just a few short hours, it's gone. 

For another two weeks. 

Or until we're out of toilet paper again. 

I'm just sayin'. 

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