Friday, June 3, 2011

I knew I was in trouble.......

when I received the email from my husband with the following picture attached.

Smoky needs a home

Mmmmhmmmm........that's exactly what I was thinkin'.  "And????"

So I very cautiously sent him a text message to see if perhaps he had sent the email to me in error.....and when the reply was, "He is pretty cool".....I knew we had just become the owners of a cat. 

You see, the same thing happened when we acquired our Chihuahua, Angel.  I got the ole' phone call about him bringing something home for a visit....and that was all she wrote.  We had a new family member. 

But you can imagine my surprise when instead of the fluff ball I had seen in the picture, I walk in the house to this........

Yep...same cat.  Not lookin' too happy about his fresh hair cut to rid him of mats and fleas. 

Oh.  And they try to make it all sound better by calling it a "lion cut".  You know....trying to make him feel all big and bad, when really?  It's just puffs of fur around the base of his paws and the end of his tail. 

So frankly....he resembles a poodle.  Or wait....maybe it's a clydesdale?  Perhaps a Siamese cat with fluffy slippers on???  

Either was hilarious...and to top it all off, he was "drunk" from having to be sedated for said hair cut and bath.  

Yep...I said drunk.  That's what they call it.  

And I gotta' tell ya'.  The only thing funnier than what-should-be-a -fluffy-Himalayan-cat-that-is-now-shaved-in-a-"lion cut", is a drunk  what-should-be-a-fluffy-Himalayan-cat-that-is-now-shaved-in-a-"lion cut". 

I'm so hoping he doesn't realize how ridiculous he looked trying to walk on the "prowl" and falling every two seconds.  It just sort of took away from his "lion look".  Baaaahhhhhaaaaa

I'm still laughing. 

But he's doing better this morning.

And Angel seems to be very excited about the potential playmate that we may have.  Though thus far, Smoky has only reminded me of Sassy in the movie Homeward Bound looking at Angel like she's an idiot!  (But I don't think I need to remind him of who looked like one stumbling around here last night, now do I??)

Yep...he seems to be getting along just fine.  A little jumpy from "new house" noises, but I think he'll settle in. 

Especially when he gets over his "bad haircut complex".

I'm just sayin'.

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  1. OMG never thought you would get a kitty! He's adorable! They come to life at night, beware!