Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So that you'll feel better about yourself, your garden and your yard......

I'll let you take a look at mine. 

You see, we haven't had any rain in forever, so we have had to water the garden with a sprinkler....therefore resulting in very high grass in just that area

And we've been busy with swim team practice, making pickles, getting orientated along with Kaleigh at Camp War Eagle (aka Camp Information Overload for parents of incoming freshmen...I'm just sayin'), and the yard and garden has...well....

been neglected a little.

Oh okay....a lot.

Ummm, yea....that would be the "scarecrow" thing Destin built a while back, and yes those ARE ginormous green onions....I...ummm....I....tried a new variety this year??? 

And I was so upset when I realized that  our mammoth squash plants had been attacked by the "squash vine borer" (yes...I googled it) that we had to uproot all of the dead plants and I guess you could say we've just abandoned the garden with the exception of an occasional picking of tomatoes and jalapenos.  But even the jalapenos have been disappointing this year.  They are not all.

Seriously....even for you wimpy  less seasoned spicy food eaters...these things are like eating a regular green pepper.  Zero what's the point???

Isn't that why you eat jalapenos??  For the heat??


Yea....that's what I thought. 

And, well, yes the grass is very tall....Angel feels like she is in the jungle when it's like that.....and I'm not even gonna''s pretty funny to see her out there in the thick of it, looking like a tiger on the prowl. 

But today....just as I was sitting down to take a much needed rest from being on my feet all day, listening to the sound of the dishwasher running and the sound of Destin cutting the grass, I knew I was in trouble when I heard the lawn mower bogging down and sputtering to go further, and then revving up again.  The same routine, over and over.....

So I felt sorta' bad, and went to the window to check on Destin....and there he was just steadily pushing the mower, determined to cut the jungle out there, in spite of the fact that it was nearly 100 degrees and had rained heavily this morning.

But....what are you to do??  When you're not home, you're not home, and it doesn't cut itself. 

Deciding that this was okay for him to be doing (after all....he is eleven and in optimum shape from swimming every day), I decided it would be okay for me to sit down and rest again.....(because I'm not eleven and in optimum shape)......

until the sound of the mower ceased altogether. 

One of two things had happened.  He had either lost his gumption, or the darn mower was out of gas. guessed it.  Out of gas. 

Sigh.   I guess it's just not meant to be for me to be able to sit and rest my feet.

So off to the gas station I went, talking to myself, and confirming that THIS in fact, is why it has gotten so out of hand to begin with.  There's just always something else calling our name, needing our attention that feels more important than cutting the patch of grass that's growing....because believe me.....the part that wasn't getting watered was not tall at all. 

And I know you can't tell it by looking at this unsightly picture of the dill I have grown, but I was rather proud when we made pickles a week ago, to be able to just walk out the back door and break off a "tree" of dill to be able to use!  Although it's looking a wee bit out of control too. 

But you want to know the funniest part of this whole story??? 

I was just sitting here typing the blog, and heard Destin's voice outside over the loud sound of the mower, so I got concerned that perhaps he needed something or had seen a snake (not that I would be of ANY help at all, which is exactly why I sent Jack out to see what he needed....stop laughing), so he stops the motor, comes in and says, "What mom??" 

I said, "Well, Destin, I was just concerned about you....I could hear your voice out there over the loud sound of the lawn mower." 

To which he replied, "Oh I was just singing, I Am a Man of Constant Sorrows."   And surely you know the song, but click and listen again....

And I'm sorry to admit this but I just started cackling right out loud!!  Because I'll bet he WAS thinking that!!!!!

You go boy!!!!  Sing it!!!

And I still say that the best solution to the out of control schedule and yard maintenance, is closing the blinds and pretending it doesn't exist. 

I'm just sayin'.  ;-)


  1. Three flat tires on riding mower. Afraid the neighbors are going to run me out!! Sunday, I used the push mower to go around the edges of the yard and to cut the weeds, got too hot and was "spent." After it stopped raining this morning, I have been trying to get the energy to go purchase a compressed air tank, get it filled and air up the tires. Instead, I took a nap, checked and answered emails. Have a tall stack of papers to grade and record for tomorrow night, but did not do that either. Monday, I went to Birmingham to attend a workshop all day Tuesday and drove back Tuesday evening. Thus, my excuse is that I needed to rest!!

  2. Wonderful post. I think my garden may be worse than yours, though. So, feel encouraged!! :)

    love you,
    Sarah Mullin