Monday, September 12, 2011

22 things I learned this past weekend......

1.  When someone offers you (2) last minute tickets to the Auburn vs. Mississippi State jump on the opportunity and worry about additional tickets you may need later.

2.  I can pack for said impromptu-trip-to-Auburn much faster than I packed in my pre-children days (not sure if that's because I've matured in my packing abilities and realized that I don't need 13 outfits & 15 pair of shoes, or if it's simply because I don't have more than one or two good outfits for said event.)  Regardless....I can be ready pretty darn quick.

3.  Parenting is hard work....I'm just sayin'. 

4.  To stick to my guns when I think walking from daughter's rental house to the stadium is too far. 

5.  Jeans aren't the best walking clothes when the walk is 2 miles one direction. 

6.  I should have started my fitness program long before now.

7.  Signs with pictures drawn by 8 year olds are perfect when you need two additional tickets. 

8.  There are still caring, giving, good people in the world. 

9.  That we cannot outgive God.  A man and his wife saw Jack's sign and informed us that they had prayed for a family to GIVE tickets to, and all they wanted to be sure of is that we weren't going to sell the tickets.  (Can I get a thank you, Jesus???) 

10. That ramps are better than multiple flights of steps after a 2 mile in jeans when it's hot.

***At this point, refer back to number 6.***

11.  That I wasn't emotionally prepared for a 9/11 commemoration in a stadium filled with over 87,000 fans.  ( for yourself.

11.  That regardless of which team you're rooting for, when remembering 9/11, you are completely united with every other American that you're standing next to, and that each and every one of them can respectfully become hauntingly silent at that moment. 

12.  That I don't understand penalties when Darwin & Jack are sitting clear on the other side of the stadium....without him to ask..

13.  That if you just watch which direction the referees point their arms, and listen to the crowd, you'll get the gist of it. :-)

14.  That after standing in line waiting your turn, Auburn concession stands still don't take your debit card, but yet direct you to the handy-dandy ATM machine just down the way, causing you to lose your place in line and have to start over. 

15.  That Mississippi State fans are actually very cordial.  They tap you on the back and let you know that you're getting sunburned. 

16.  That said concession stands don't list sunscreen as one of the items they sell.

17.  That even though you can feel your arm roasting, it's still a good idea to take a fellow Auburn fan (who turns around and gives you "the look" ) up on his offer of the sample sized sunscreen he has clipped to his belt loop.  (I would have laughed before too.....I think you will see later why now I wouldn't. )

18.  That even if your arm is already burnt, applying sunscreen at that point is still a wise decision and will keep you from frying any further.

19.  That it would have been good to use said borrowed sunscreen on more than just my burning left arm. 

20.  That there are some games worth burning for.

21.  That the 2 mile walk back is much longer and harder.

And last but not least.....I learned that you can still get sun poisoning, even if your sunburn doesn't cover a large area. 

I have no idea why I thought it was a good idea to let my daughter take this picture.

Or this one.....

Can you see where my cute little shirt was?????

Oh....and I learned one more thing. 


I'm just sayin'.

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