Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day 5 - Buffalo never tasted so good.....

or wait....was it Elk....or maybe wild hog? 

You see....our church has a "Wild Game Dinner" every year, and Darwin and the boys always go and enjoy good food,  fellowship, prizes and a guest speaker. 

Problem is....when this whole "week of groceries for $40" started, we had all forgotten.....
that event was March 2.  Sigh.

That would have been last night. 

How in the world could I have forgotten this???  I would have never had him start his "week of groceries for $40" if I had remembered.  

How was I going to tell him he couldn't go now??  This was something he looked forward to every year......and this wasn't going to be easy......

Had ya' going there for a minute didn't I?

Oh go ahead and admit were feeling sorry for him and thinking I had gone overboard by suggesting that he not get to go to one of his favorite events of the year.  

Well....I would NEVER have done that.  

Not to mention he has handled this week like a saint.  Still not a single complaint, and immediately willing to just tack on another meal to the end of his week in lieu of getting to eat out at the dinner. He just got really lucky!

But from the looks of this......he wasn't quite as lucky as his brother!!'re reading correctly.  Jack won a 22 rifle.  Although, when they called his name as a winner, he thought he had won a couple of "handmade wooden arrows" that had been used in a comical promotional video for the event.  He didn't know until he went forward that he had, in fact, won a rifle!!

So all the way was a great night!  Jack was happy, and Destin's belly was full of something he had not had to make himself. 

And I'll just bet that he appreciated that meal more than he ever has before.

I'm just sayin'.


  1. Bet them boys are soo happy!(: Sounds fun to do! Yall come see us soon!
    - Your FAV niece, Faith(: lol
    ps. Since you hve alot of nieces and i know,,,,no family can have a favorite. But i can still dream(: Love Youuu!

  2. I'm visiting by way of Owlhaven and am loving this series of posts. My 14 year old is getting interested in taking up Mary's teen challenge. Can't wait to see how this turns out for Destin. I'm hoping Destin will write a post at the end of his week sharing with us what he would do the same and what he would do differently if he took this challenge again.

    Thanks for sharing!