Friday, March 9, 2012

Finishing up the his own words.....

Destin's "week of groceries for $40" ended on a bit of a hectic Darwin and I were traveling to a long awaited appointment for our daughter, in Nashville, and the boys were staying with some gracious friends. 

We were only suppose to be gone overnight, and Destin was only suppose to get to eat a couple of meals there and come home to wrap up the last of his 7 days.  As it turned out, we had to stay an extra night, so Destin lucked up and got to enjoy different food for two days/nights before coming home and finishing it up.  And to "finish it up" he just slapped together a ham sandwich for dinner....nothing too fancy. 

However...the purpose of this project was to see if he could plan, shop and cook for himself for a week on $40. 

And that he did. 

Quite well in my opinion.

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Several of you have asked to hear about his week "in his words", which I had already planned on here you have his own words.

No, silly....I'm not expecting that you read that....I just wanted you to see his written version before I type gotta love me! :)

the back side of the paper

My experience of eating off of $40 on my own was a long lasting week.  If I had to keep something on my menu it would be stew, milk, brownies, and raisin bran crunch.  I really would not want to keep Ramen noodles because every flavor tastes the same.  Also I would not keep chicken unless I cooked it differently like maybe BBQ chicken.  I am very thankful for beef stew seasoning because if I didn't use it, it would not taste the same if I used separate spices.  I think I shouldn't of bought bananas and used that money for more milk because I was eating out of salsa dishes on my 3rd day.  The downside to rootbeer is that it last 3 or 4 days and then it is flat and I'm all out.  Some things I should've tried were potatoe salad, fried rice, and baked red potatoes.  I really think the week took forever but when I went to spend the night, I was in heaven.  I know that cooking takes long and I missed T.V. shows such as "swamp people" and "larry the cable guy" and I missed playing with friends because I was cooking.  On my last day it was amazing.  For a snack I had almost 1/2 a pound of ham on a sandwich and I chugged down the rest of my milk.  To finish it up I might do this again, but it needs to be in a year or so because I want to enjoy what is in the pantry and freezer again.  And thats all I got to say about that.

Now let me just say that he only watches "Larry the Cable Guy" with strong don't judge me or my parenting.  

At the end of the week...all he had left was the rest of his ham (hence the reason he ate about a 1/2 pound on a sandwich), the rest of his stick of butter, the whole pound of rice, and some potatoes.  That's not too shabby for a 12 year old kid having to "fend for himself" for the week....

I'm just sayin'.


  1. Leah, you are just the greatest mom in the whole wide world for teaching these life lessons to your children. I am so proud of Destin for following through for the whole week and not giving up and even for writing a report about it when it was all over with! What a great man he is growing up to be! WOW!!

    1. are SO sweet to have said all of that! Not sure about the "greatest mom in the whole wide world" part, but I'll take it!!! ;)

  2. This is Just beautiful :) The kid done good!
    I couldn't tell you the last time a full page got filled with my hand-writing-- typing is sooo much easier.
    My nephews love Larry the Cable Guy. Flat root beer will still be good as a float with vanilla ice cream.
    Being able to stay over and have someone else do some cooking is always appreciated.
    This is such a nice post. I have put your blog in my Reader, yet my reading doesn't have a schedule.
    ~~love and Huggs, Diane

    1. Thank you so much, Diane. It was definitely an eye opener for him, that's for sure. My 17 year old daughter is going to be next, and my 9 year old son has decided to wait until school's out for's just so hard this time of year with both boys playing baseball. They come home from school, eat a snack and get dressed for a game or practice for somebody usually four nights a week between the two of them!!