Monday, August 27, 2012

So you would think by now.........

that after living here as long as I have, that I would be used to this whole "preparing for a hurricane" routine. 

But frankly, I'm not. 

I mean...don't get me wrong, I'm all about knowing things in advance, and I would much prefer this than to have a good ole' midwestern tornado like I grew up with....(those things scared the life out of me), but with the level of media coverage we have these days, and the spaghetti looking mess on the track models  multitude of different tracks the storm could take, it leaves me feeling much like I did on a see-saw as a child.  Up and down....back and forth. 

And for those of you who haven't experienced this....well....if this gives you any indication....this was the Wal-Mart LAST FRIDAY NIGHT.....yes....that would be three days ago, and we just went under an official hurricane warning last night (Sunday) 
Yes, there is bread, but things were already starting to look slim.

And I really feel sorry for the folks that have not been through anything like this yet...
Truth be known, I think that they are the reason that the soup aisle is already pretty bare.
Bless his heart...he had just moved here from way north, and this was his first rodeo....

Yes, I asked....

Because that's how I roll....

And my kids love me for it....

Okay...I lied.  They don't love that I talk to perfect strangers in the store.  But I've embraced southern hospitality...and I'm way off track here. me crazy, but I'm thinking this would be a good time to assess what types of tuna people actually eat....and how to order in the future.

And apparently, Cheerios is the breakfast of champions when there's a storm impending.....

But I don't think I was prepared for what I saw when I turned down the water aisle.  Because remember.....this was FRIDAY....a few days ago.....

That's right....not a single bottle of water to be had.  Those are just a few random single serve drinks that folks must have laid down in their search for some water.

And the frustrating, yet inevitable part of this, is that you have to prepare.....and spend lots of extra money the week after you get all of your kids into school (please don't get me started on the "free" public education my kids receive....I would be wayyyy off track) way in advance, or there may not be anything left at the store when you go...or in my case...even five days before the possible storm. 

And please don't ask me why I don't just have a "hurricane readiness kit" already available.  That would be sooo not my style to have money tied up in something to actually plan ahead and be prepared.  Not to mention, I'm pretty sure my kit would include a lot more that water, batteries and flashlights.  Because I am here to tell ya' that I had a heck of a lot more than that in my buggy at Sam's yesterday. 

And while Wal-Mart was out of everything three days ago, Sam's Club had everything....and more fork lifts coming out of the back as we had flashbacks of last minute Christmas shopping crowds and struggled to get through the aisles without running over someone shopped for our supplies. 

I mean...come on....everybody needs a double pack of roasts, a rotisserie chicken, a four pack of deodorant, and 16 bars of soap....right?

And I don't think that anything could prepare me for the phone call I received at 6:30 last night.....when the school system made that dreaded, automated phone call to tell us that the kids were going to be out of school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and the knowledge that our "week off for Thanksgiving" is no longer. 

And don't hate me if you're a local teacher.  I get that it's necessary to allow the school employees and teachers time to prepare for the possible storm.....I am just not looking forward to three days of quality, kids-hyped-up-because-of-storm, possibly cooped up in a dark house with no a/c. 

But as I have written this, the track has headed a little more things might be looking up for us, and not so good for our friends in the New Orleans area. 

I'm just sayin'. 


  1. Leah, oh how I miss your friendship, your beatiful smile and your great wit. I pray for you & your family all the time and I pray now for protection over your family & neighbors, near & far. People we don't even know who could possibly be in the path of this storm. God Bless you! Vienna

    1. How sweet of you, Vienna!!! I'm just keepin' it real down here....and while I am so thankful that the storm isn't going to give us a direct hit, I will just be glad when this is over. I feel like we have been hanging in the balance for a week!!! I miss you too!!!