Saturday, August 18, 2012

So......last night.....

after the long, stressful day I had already had, I decided..."now THIS is what those freezer meals are for!  I will just simply go get the Honey Glazed Chicken out of the freezer (because it's not suppose to thaw first), and get this party started, because mama has had a rough day, and I don't feel like cooking."  


Remember that part the other day about the igniter on my oven seeming like it was going out??  

Yea.... I am pretty sure that the week I do my first shot at freezer cooking is not the week for it to decide to go out for good.....

And did I mention that the gas stove/oven that was here when we bought the house, while nice to cook on, apparently doesn't allow you to light the oven manually?

Yep...pretty much.

So I kept turning the oven off, waiting and then trying if the last time, only moments had really been playing a trick on me. 

This had to be some sort of a joke.   I was waiting on someone to yell, "You're on Candid Camera!!!"  Eww...wait...umm....I'm not really old enough to even know what that show was.   I'm pretty sure what I meant to say, was that I was waiting on someone to say, "You've been PUNK'ED".  

Regardless of what show I remember, nobody jumped out of the woodwork.  This was the real deal. 

My oven was not coming on, despite my multiple attempts to coax it on....all while my "suppose-to-be-baked-frozen Honey Glazed Chicken" sat thawing beautifully.


I was pretty sure that at this point, nothing else could possibly go wrong.  

So I went for plan "B" which included some of the 336 frozen meatballs, that apparently had "too tangy of a sauce" for a couple of my kids, to which I growled between gritted teeth, replied to my precious offspring that well....."you're lucky that you HAVE a meal after what I have been through stop complaining!!!

Yea...I'm always sweet like that. 

I'm just sayin'.

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