Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hope he likes it.....

because considering the day I have had thus far....I'm surprised I didn't cave in and buy a cake from the store.  But a promise is a promise....and not only did I promise Destin that I would attempt to make a Foxhound cake, I promised you (my loyal readers that I love so much) some pictures if it turned out okay.  (At this point...if you did not read my earlier post this morning then stop right now, and read this first.  It will make more sense, and you will appreciate the rest of this post. 

So only moments after closing my computer after the previous post
I looked on the kitchen table, and realized that Destin had inadvertently left two of the treats, that I had painstakingly made for his class, right here at home.  This was not good, considering we had counted them out for his class, it was 9:05a.m.....snack was at 9:30a.m., and I was in my pajamas still with some bad bed head goin' on.  I will spare you the picture of myself and the details, but let's just say it wasn't pretty, but I got them there on time. 

Moving on.  So I got home all set and ready to begin the process of making his cake, only to realize that I was one container shy of having the right amount of icing.  And I wish that I could tell you that my quick trip to Walgreens was uneventful, but I would be lying, and I don't make a habit of that....so I regretfully inform you that I ran over a squirrel that could not decide which side of the road he wanted to scamper to with the oversized nut he was hauling. 

All for this darn cake.  And the pressure was on...because I had already blogged about it....and I knew you'd be expecting pictures. 

And a promise is a promise. 

This is what I had to work from.  And he graciously said I could just do the head and not the whole body.
  Gee, thanks, Destin.

And not that you're going to want to make a Foxhound cake anytime soon, but just in case you do, here's a rundown of how it all went down in my kitchen today.

It's imperative to have all of your supplies ready and handy before taking your cake out of the freezer to begin creating.  You know....store bought icing (already colored to the desired colors), laptop computer (in case you need to check your facebook, or get a better picture of a Foxhound), and some sort of caffeine.....my choice today?  Diet Sunkist.

And please, whatever you do, do not ask me how I got that shade of brown.  I'm pretty sure I mixed some orange and yellow into chocolate icing, but honestly, I could probably never reproduce it exactly again. 

This is how they all begin.  A 9x13 cake that made the night before and FROZEN until the last possible second to ensure that cutting would be precise, and crumbs
would be at a minimum. 

Let the transforming begin.......a sharp knife is a must.

I usually score the cake into the shape I want....keeping in mind that the fewer raw edges I have...the less crumbs to contend with . 

No, he did not change his mind.  This is not a dinosaur head.  Be patient....it's a work in progress.  :-)

My least favorite part of doing "shaped cakes" are the crumbs from the cut edges of the cake.  SO annoying.  Time is of the essence....you need to get them covered with icing quickly so as not to get crumbs all in your icing. 

 Are you starting to see it???  I know it's hard. 
 You have to really envision the end result. 

I decided today, that his ear would be 3-D...so instead
of just drawing one with icing, I cut and iced
a seperate piece of cake...just for the ear. 

 And the finished result????


Happy Birthday Destin!!!!!  Mama loves you and tried very hard!!

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  1. Well all I have to say is Ian better never look at these pixs and think I can makes any of these cakes, b/c you know what happened when I tried to make a gingerbread house??? My house kept falling apart and I wound up with the handydandy caulk gun...that's right sis, you have the patience of a saint!