Sunday, October 17, 2010

October means birthdays......

well, at least for me it does.  Both of my boys and my husband have birthdays in the month of October.  And my sister...(bless her heart....she gets the short end of the stick...I NEVER get her something in the mail on time!!!)  LOVE YOU BEKAH!!!

Anyway, as I was saying, birthdays.  We have lots of them.  And as you know from my previous post...I make the cakes around here.  And the classroom birthday treats.  

My most recent discovery has been cake pops.  I just love them.  I love the book, I love her website.....I love it all.  

And one would think there would be nothing too difficult about making 23 football cake pops for Jack to take to school.  But they aren't as easy to shape as one would think.

Please don't even tell me what you think they look like in their beginning stages......

Because I already know.  The boys in the house let me know very quickly. 
 Need I say more???

And most 8 year old boys would probably not be quite so specific in what they want for a birthday cake.  But this year.....Jack informed me (in regards to the military) that since we had already covered "air" with the helicopter last year

and "land" with the tank for Destin two years ago,

that he felt we should do "sea".  He wanted an aircraft carrier...and how could I not deliver with his rationale?  The boy had a point! 

Lucky for me....this one wasn't quite as hard. 

Happy Birthday, Jack!!  Mama loves you very much!

I'm just sayin'.  

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  1. Amazing as always, where do you find the time??