Monday, October 4, 2010

In case you've ever considered....

buying the huge can of pork n' beans from Sam's Club to save money....don't.  Well, I mean, if you plan on using that many beans at one time, then more power to ya'.   But if you're like me, and you were just wanting to save money....use half the can and refrigerate the rest.....I warn you.....don't. 

I've already done it, and trust's not a mistake I will be making again. 

It seemed like a good plan at the time....use 1/2 the large can for a big batch of baked beans for my the rest for the next time.  Well, the "next time" should have been within a day or two it seems.  They don't have quite the same shelf life in the fridge after they have been opened as they do in the pantry.  (And yes, I put them in another container...give me some credit here.)

I've been accused before, of having a nose like a hound dog....and I guess I pretty much do.  I am very sensitive to smell.  And over the last week or so...every time the fridge got opened, I would sense a faint smell.  Nothing overpowering, just not a good smell.  And I would proceed to start questioning the family in a loud voice that-I-knew-they-could-all-hear-while-they-sat-in-the-living-room, "What stinks in this refrigerator???" I'm not sure what good I thought that was going to's not like they would know, but for some reason it always made me feel better to pose the rhetorical question.  (I was secretly hoping the refrigerator cleaning fairy would come by...sigh.)

And after I would pose the question, I would begin sniffing various areas in the fridge, open the milk making sure it wasn't know the drill.  Case not solved, I would shut the door and hope that somehow the next time I opened it, the smell would miraculously have disappeared. 

Not happening.

So Friday I came home from working, and was tired of being on my feet, but even more tired of opening the fridge and having to hold my nose.  The situation was not improving. 

That was it.  Tired feet or not, this smell was not going to ruin my weekend.  Off with the work clothes, into some comfy jeans, flip flops and an was time to gut the fridge and get to the bottom of this. 

And have you ever had those projects that start off small, innocently enough, but that morph into giant sized projects?  Yea.  Me too.  All the time....just ask my kids.  They usually make themselves unseen at a time like this.  But those unsuspecting little rascals just thought I was opening the fridge for an afternoon snack.  Little did they know I was in one of my I-have-worked-all-day-and-I'm-tired-but-we're-getting-to-the-bottom-of-this moods.  And they really were not expecting me to inform them that "you live here and eat out of this fridge get over here and help me start cleaning it out."  And I'm pretty sure I remember saying that in a very sweet, kind, loving voice. 

Now when I say "clean out the fridge", I mean CLEAN OUT THE FRIDGE.  You, take out the glass shelves and completely wash them in the sink...not just wipe them down.  Every pesky little thing in that refrigerator was comin' out.  Condiments, salad dressings that I feel sure we had tried and not liked and had for a year, jellies that sweet children had let dribble on the sides of the jar, and were now permanent fixtures in my fridge, onions that I had diced with good intentions of using later that had somehow gotten shoved to the back. was all coming out. 

I was working from the bottom up.  Both drawers had come out, and been completely washed.  I was just about to tackle the first shelf when it happened.....

I saw the bowl of tightly sealed beans (or so I thought), on the shelf, way in the back.  And the closer I got to them, the more I realized that I had found the culprit.  And I'm not really sure why I felt the need to just barely open the lid and put my nose RIGHT THERE....but I think it's safe to say that the kids had to get some smelling salts to revive me. 

Oh. My. Word.  That was awful. 

But the mystery was solved and the fridge was lookin' better.  The boys and I finished it up and I felt so victorious that for some reason I thought it was a good time to tackle the "tops of my cabinets" that have not been dusted or cleaned in...ahem...quite some time.  (I'll leave that to your imagination.) 

Jack, you have to make yourself look like you have buck teeth???

Please...just a picture of the dirt here.

Not much better....but I think they get the point.

It wasn't pretty.  But now it is.

I'm just sayin'. 

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