Monday, November 22, 2010

I got a little nervous....

this morning when I dropped him off.

I mean.....what if today wasn't really 2nd grade Colonial Day???  What if I had my days mixed up???

He'd probably feel a wee bit sheepish wearing hiked up sweatpants, long white socks and black water shoes. 

Why yes....actually, those are the same black water shoes that we used for the flea costume.  And no....we were not all prepared for this morning...last night.  Who in the world plans ahead?? 

Nope.  Matter of fact, if I recall....I was scrambling around at 10pm last night trying to find a pattern for an easy colonial hat, and cursing at myself for waiting to the last minute...again.  And oh-yes-I-did bust into the bag of hand-me-down clothes that were sitting by the front door to be donated....because I distinctly remembered putting two pair of black sweatpants in there that "he never wears". 

And if I remember correctly, I think Jack spent 30 minutes this morning, buried in his closet while slinging back multiple items that were not "the other black water shoe".   He obviously found the bottom of the toy bucket, but not after ransacking the closet, dress up box, shoe basket AND under the bed. 

But he found it. 

And that's what matters.

And if you ask me?  I think he's the cutest Colonial boy there is. 

I'm just sayin'. 

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  1. You always manage to come up with some thing amazing! He's so cute!