Sunday, November 21, 2010

Is it just me.......

or do you find it odd that we're out preparing for next spring's garden the Saturday before Thanksgiving?   I mean really, shouldn't we be taking advantage of grocery store ads, and planning the menu for the big day? 

Or if I was really on my game...I would be out Christmas shopping. 

But here's something you gotta' know about me right now. 

I.....did not grow up here.  Warm weather that causes you to work outside in capri-pants-with-sleeveless-shirts-and-flip-flops, is not the kind of weather I grew up with.  (And no....I am not posting pictures of that get-up I was wearing....truly embarrassing....I have no business in sleeveless anything!) 

And for those of you who are in cold climate areas that think it would be nice to have these warm temps right now, I'm sorry.  I'm not trying to rub it in your face.  I just can't get into the holiday spirit.  Not when I'm crankin' the a/c down a couple degrees because we come in from working outside...sweatin' like pigs!!!

At any rate....that's how we spent our Saturday.  Darwin is tired of the "bucket garden" and ready to move on to a real garden.  It seems that everything starts out good.....and then it's just too hard to regulate the moisture in the buckets, etc. 

But I do have to tell you.  You wouldn't have believed my jalapeno plant bucket.  That thing went crazy this summer.  It was such a pretty "ornamental plant" (as my mother called it).  And was. 

And it produced SO many beautiful jalapenos!!!  The more I would cut them off, the more little blooms I would see. was the most resilient plant I had ever seen.  (Not like I had seen many in my day, because I'm fairly new to the whole "gardening" thing...but still...)  I'd look outside and see it all wilted, needing water in our Africa hot temperatures......

And a couple of watering pots would perk up and be back to normal again.  Amazing. 

But the last time, I had let it go without water for too long.  My beautiful jalapeno plants were dead.  Brown. Shriveled. Dead. 

Or so I thought!!!!  It was nothing but brown twigs out there, and we got a bunch of rain over a couple of days, and would you believe that thing started turning green and producing NEW GROWTH AGAIN???????

I know...pitiful isn't it???  Almost embarrassing to put this picture on here.  But you needed to see it to believe it.  

And now...just look at them. 

So now....the jalapenos are back to life!  Probably only for a short time...because we will eventually have a freeze.   But isn't that amazing???

Wow...I am way off track here.  I believe this all started with Darwin not liking bucket gardens anymore....which led to our family project yesterday in high temps the Saturday before Thanksgiving.  So sorry for that bunny trail. 

And if you know my husband....then you probably know that if he does a project....he does it perfect.  I shudder to think of what this would have turned out like if I had been made responsible for the "new garden".  

Destin....take close instructions from your daddy....because I think we can all agree that from the way I took care of the jalapeno's, if left to my own devices it could get ugly. 

Bless that man's heart. 

Perfect.  Like every other project he does.....sigh. 

But honestly.  Who does this the Saturday before Thankgiving? 

I'm excited about next year's garden, but am really ready for some seasonal temps here....

I'm just sayin'.

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