Thursday, November 25, 2010

I knew it was gonna' happen.....

really....I did. 

I knew that I'd end up making those darn mashed potatoes, even though I had a mile long post promising you that I wouldn't. 

And the dumplins?  Sigh.  The chicken is boiling as I write this.  He got me like a knife in my heart...what's a girl to do? 

Thanks to The Pioneer Woman we are having her Dreamy Apple Pie today... but we almost cut into it last night! 

Okay, look, I realize mine doesn't look as perfect as hers, but that crust IS homemade.  I didn't have a food processor to get the topping quite as fine as she did, but I don't think our stomach's will know the difference. And mine is more special.  I made it in my late grandmother's pie pan.  Sigh. 

Lots to do to finish preparing for the big meal.  Gonna' force myself up off of this couch to get those dumplins made for Jack. 

Jack & I are the only ones up and about this morning.  Is there something wrong with that picture???

I'm just sayin'.

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