Tuesday, December 21, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things......

Gosh I love that movie....The Sound of Music.  Has to be one of my all-time favorites.  I think I have the whole thing memorized.  I used to practice singing Maria's songs while flitting all through the house....not sure what I was practicing for, but I did...none the less. 

Wow.  Talk about side tracked.  I use a line from a song in the movie for my title today, and next thing you know I'm on a bunny trail sharing intimate details about my life-long desire to be Maria in a musical.  Good grief. 

OKAY.....moving on. 

A few of my favorite things....

Raindrops on roses.

Whiskers on kittens.

Sorry.  I'll stop. 

So the other day, Destin asked me what was my favorite part about Christmas.  And of course, if you know me, then you know that I would feel guilty if I said anything other than the obvious, that Jesus was born to save us from our sins.....because that is the true meaning of Christmas. 

However....that's not really what he was asking me.  Because that, of course, should be everyone's favorite thing about Christmas. 

But what he was really asking me....was what did I enjoy the most about the holidays....and I really had to stop and think. 

I love baking. 

I love Christmas music. 

I love the Christmas movies. 

But I would have to say, that one my most favorite things about Christmas is re-living all the previous years when pulling out all of the old hand-made ornaments and decorations that the kids have made over the years.  And fortunately for me....I'm still getting new ones...for a couple more years I hope.

So I thought I would share a few with you.

Get ready....some of these go way back.....you know....to the 90's!

There's Rudolph the one-eyed reindeer....circa 1999...courtesy of Karissa in Kindergarten....

Well...I mean...he didn't start off that way....but why fix him?  It gives him character?

And Christmas wouldn't be the same without this Santa ornament.  He's been through so much since Kaleigh made him back in 1998. 

Yep....if I'm not mistaken, he had a "furry" band on his hat and a very full beard at one point, as well as perfect vision.  What IS it with those pesky eyes?? 

The newer reindeer haven't been through quite as much!!

I think it's amazing how many things they can come up with for you to do with candy canes....

Apparently, the possibilites are endless......
I feel sure you didn't notice the scotch tape wrapped around the broken candy cane???  Endless possibilites for scotch tape as well.

And handprints.....

Don't forget thumbprints.....

And....I know that the teachers have all the children make the same ornaments....and I love this boy to death....you know I do....but there's just something about this picture that seems a little...well...I don't know...out of character....

I'm just sayin'. 

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