Sunday, February 6, 2011

I'm pretty sure.......

that the pain I'm feeling in my fingertips is a feeling I haven't ever felt before. 

Oh I've had pains...but these come from doing an activity work I've never done before.  That would be gardening.  I have never weeded a flower bed or a garden...ever. 

Oh stop being all "What?  Never??  She has NEVER??"  Here's what you apparently don't know about me.  I'm not an outdoorsy kinda' gal.  Never have been....but in recent years, I've taken a liking realized what a nice getaway from the chaos of the kids/housework it can be. 

And for those of you not from this area....I realize that you probably hate me for talking about being outside in sunny, upper 50's temps on Super Bowl Sunday, while you're snowed in, and I'm sorry for you....I really am.  But there are plenty of houses for sale come on down! 

If you'll recall...the only kind of garden I have ever had....was a bucket garden....last year. 

But those of you who are loyal readers (thank you!!),  might remember that the weekend before Thanksgiving, we were outside "preparing" what would be a spot for a garden, and thought that it was worth taking a chance, and planted a very late winter garden. 

I have been nervous, as we have had plenty of nights with mid 20's temperatures.....but I guess that's why it's called a winter garden, because all of the plants have survived, and as I type this, the boys are outside cutting off turnip greens!!!

The picture doesn't do our little winter garden justice, but the turnips are obviously on the left....and WAY on the left barely visible down at the end are green onions...some spinach in front of Jack, romaine lettuce on the right and some broccoli that is questionable...but broccoli is hard to grow, so I really don't care if it doesn't turn out. 

Now for you avid gardeners....don't laugh at my tiny garden.  But for those of you who "know" me....this is a big deal. 

Problem is....(and I'm embarrassed to admit this),  I don't really know how to hoe....and Darwin wasn't here to show me...  So I got my crazy self outside of the house today, and hand picked weeds all around the garden...on a towel, in the dead grass, and now I'm sore all over and my finger tips are killing me and less than attractive!!

And my girls just found out (because they just got home - otherwise I would have had THEM out there doing it), and they're laughing at me.  Straight up laughing...and poking fun at their "not-so-outdoorsy" mother who doesn't know the proper way to use a hoe. 

Apparently they have forgotten that gardening in the winter here is pleasant when you're outside.  There will be a summer garden...and they will get to put their knowledge-of-how-to-use-a-hoe to good use when the temperatures are less than pleasant.  Shouldn't have laughed at me, girls.

I'm just sayin'.  

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