Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Better them than me......

I'm just sayin'. 

Seriously.....if you could hear the moaning and groaning coming from the teenage girls who are definitely in better shape than their mother.....you would agree. 

I made a very wise decision to simply be a spectator in yesterday's 4th of July fun. 

Yep....you guessed it....they went tubing. 

They....as in...the kids. 

(Just wanted to be sure that I clarified that.) 

I mean....Darwin is in better shape than me, but still knows his limits, and tubing didn't fall in to the category of wise-decisions-when-you-have-a-bad-back.

He just had to look good while driving it!

The boys are becoming old pros at this....as this was their fourth trip out.....

They've even been known to give their mother a heart attack  go hands free or stand up!!!  No pictures of that....I was screaming too loud from the dock.....

Quit laughing.

Thankfully, the girls are a bit more cautious.

I'm just praying she isn't miserable today since she's still trying to recover completely from her RSD.....but she's tired of sitting on the sidelines!!!

And Kaleigh later informed us, that she was NOT coming off of that tube.....she was too apprehensive about what could be in the water!!!

And speaking about what's in the water.....you know I was a little more jumpy than usual seeing as how "Swamp People" is the new favorite show around our house. 

So I'm sure you can understand my apprehension when we pulled up to our neighbor's "river house" and saw not only this.....
But this lurking in the marsh......
Yep....you're seeing correctly. 

That's a big ole' gator looking piece of a log.....


I've seen one too many episodes.

I almost yelled "Shoot 'im, shoot 'im!!!"

If you've seen the show....I need not give an explanation. 

If you haven't.....you need to.

I'm just sayin'. 


  1. OMG..this is too funny! Thanks for sharing...I needed this! -Terry

  2. Wow, so please tell me that was a log bc it looks like a gator and a snake and you know sista doesn't do either! OMG! creepy!