Saturday, November 26, 2011

A few days late, but just to name a few..............

things that I am thankful for.....

My very best friend.

  • My husband of 22 years, who has worked so hard for our family, and has never once asked me to go to work and put our children in childcare over the years.  He knew how much it meant to me to be a stay-at-home mom (even though on days I thought I was going to go crazy).  For that I am eternally grateful....and I guess I'm gettin' a little I'll move on.....

  • My was such a surprise to find out I was having another baby so soon after Kaleigh, & it was anything but easy having them 18mo. apart, but they were such big helpers as the boys later came along, & though they fussed like all true sisters do, I know that they do love each other.  Though they are so different in their personalities, I wouldn't change a thing....I feel so blessed to have two of them & am so thankful to know that they will always have each other.  Karissa is a little lost without Kaleigh here right now....but she is adjusting. :)
  • My boys....I just couldn't be more grateful that God blessed me boys as well as girls.  They are so much different than the girls were, and it's been so much fun parenting them.  One thing is for sure....they are a lot less maintenance, but there is no shortage of cuts, scrapes, bruises around here.  They are best buddies and would die for each other.  Their personalities are totally different but such a compliment to each other.  I am blessed.         

  • My parents and the Godly upbringing that I was so blessed to have. They loved each other, and though money was not abundant, their love and dedication to us was. I never once heard them fight, and my goal in life was to grow up and be as happily married as they were. They have now been married for 42 years, and have weathered many of life's unexpected storms. One of them being an actual storm that involved multiple tornados this past spring. I am so thankful that not only were their lives spared, but my childhood home, where I have so many memories, only suffered external damage....which is finally all repaired for them.  

So very much to be thankful for.

  • My brothers.  They prepared me for my life as the mother of it sitting at the ballpark cheering them on, or being the recipient of childhood pranks.  Life wouldn't have been the same without them and the roaring laughter they continue to cause when we're all together.   I am also very thankful that they are both amazing Daddys to their children! 

  • And I'm sorry....but I just gotta' say it.  If you don't have a sister....then don't hate on me, but there is just nothing like one.  My kids all know when I am on the phone with her, simply because of my uncontrollable laughter.  She has seen me at my very worst, attended the birth of one of my children (yea....that would probably have been the "seeing me at my worst" line), puts a smile on my face every time I talk to her....I am thankful for my sister. 
  • Friends that love me for who I am.....not what my house looks like, or what size I'm wearing.....true friends....that have been around through the good and the bad times.  I'm so blessed to have them in my life and I thank God for them. 
  • My freedom and the men and women who defend that everyday.  Words are not enough.....
  • My church and my church family....and the saving grace of Jesus.  Without Him we are nothing, and I am so thankful that He loves me in spite of who I am.  Without Him, the list above wouldn't be possible.....and I am so very thankful. 
I'm just sayin'.

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