Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So my mom calls me......

and wants to know if I have ever seen toilet paper tube Pilgrims. 

Seriously....she did.  About four years ago. 

She teaches Kindergarten, and was looking for a cute craft....which got ME looking for them FOR her. 

And I found some.

They were I just had to give them a try with my own kids.

We did take pictures of the process, although that was in my pre-blogging days, so I wasn't quite as thorough in my picture taking. 

And.....if you know my'll have to try to remember when they looked that young, because they look nothing like that now. 

Sigh. about the Pilgrims and the Indians. (oh yes...they have toilet paper tube Indians too)

I will post the link to the website that originally published it so you can see the perfectly done version, but frankly, I think that my boys' version is much cuter. :)

You gotta' have empty toilet paper tubes, which we have no shortage of around this house.  They're ALWAYS empty.  I swear I hear, "Somebody bring me a roll of toilet paper, please!!!!" on a regular basis.....but you probably didn't want to know all of that. 


Just keepin' it real. you need empty toilet paper tubes, felt, paint, & hot glue gun/sticks (and use the low temp ones for cryin' out loud.....I burned the heck out of my thumb about a week ago trying to make the boys' Halloween costumes with a HIGH temp one that I thought would get the job done quicker).

Like I said....I'll post the actual link to the step by step instructions, along with the supply list that you'll need, because I know you're ALL going to want to run to your local craft supply store, so that you can have your very own set of these.  They're just that adorable! :)

And I am not sure why my precious daughter felt the need to take pictures that included me in there, but let's focus on the craft at hand, shall we?

Yes, that really is Jack and Destin four years ago.

And yes, that's our tiny little "kitchen table that could".....sigh.  If you never read that post you should.   But I can't, because I'll get all sappy again. 

Destin taking his job of painting very usual:)

Skin has been painted and is now drying.

Cutting all of the tiny pieces.....

Tracing....apparently Destin gets his serious concentration from me. LOL

In true fashion...Jack needs to see what's going on on TV, Destin still quite serious about his Pilgrim.

And did I mention that the top half of a rotisserie chicken container makes a great ummm.....palette for your paint?  :)  You just gotta' love how I recycle.  

Now just go ahead and tell me these aren't the cutest little Pilgrims and Indians you have ever seen????

Don't you love the not-so-perfect character that they have???  They were truly done by my then 5 & 8 year olds.

Now since I know you are dying to make your own.....I will post the link to the site.  Don't be overwhelmed by the long list of instructions.  They really are not hard at all.  And if you decide to make a set.....take pictures and send them to me!!!!

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