Saturday, January 16, 2010

Got to thinking.....

So I hopped in the shower (which is where I ponder many of my thoughts), and I got to thinking. I thought about the picture of my living room that I had posted, and the fact that I said, "this is where you will get the real deal", and I thought, "WHAT?" That's not the real deal....FAR from it actually. Which then led me to thinking... that I would never want someone to take one look and think, "Oh wow. Mother of four and her house looks like that? Definitely not my type of blog."

So let me begin by apologizing. (Really...allow's what I do best. People tell me that I apologize for breathing other people's air, and, well....I sorta' do.)

Like I was saying. I am sorry that I misled you. It was just one of those rare moments when my house was all neat and tidy. Truth be known, it was probably moments before the in-laws came over and I had just frantically run through here like a chicken with my head cut off. had just been decorated by my sister-in-law who has amazing natural ability to do that sort of thing.

So now....I will present you with a picture of how it looked this morning, which is how it looks more often than not....I'm ashamed to say. I had to MAKE myself come in here immediately after my shower and take a picture of how it really looked.

See? Now don't you feel better?

I knew I was in trouble when my oldest daughter looks over my shoulder at my original picture and says, "Wow, mom. I think that's like, the first time the living room and kitchen were both clean at the same time!" She's so precious.....pointing out my shortcomings. Did I mention that she's a teenager who can be sarcastic at times? I'm just sayin'.

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