Saturday, February 13, 2010


So the snow day was......let's just say, it was a bit of a let down. was a big let down.

We spent the morning watching and waiting for the big snowflakes that we were seeing reported from surrounding towns in the area, just hoping that ours would be the next one!!

Yes. There was live news coverage until 9am, just like during a hurricane, because remember.....we don't get snow here.

And yes, it was sleeting and there were some lame flurries flying around outside, but nothing that was going to stick and allow them to make a snowman or anything. (Of course that didn't stop them from making "ice-balls" and pelting each other in the head with) But the meteorologist kept insisting that "we haven't seen the last of the snow", and that our area would likely see an accumulation of 2-4 inches. Yep....he said 2-4 inches.

So what better thing to do then make a big ole' pot of homemade soup, right? I thought the same thing, so while checking out the window every 30 seconds or so (because it's been 20 years since I've seen snow....cut me some slack!), I began the soup making process.

And that's where this story gets a little ugly......because you spite of the fact that the snow was not living up to our expectations, I knew that we had a nice, hot bowl of homemade soup to look forward to for dinner. Or so I thought.

Trying to be a good mom, I went against my better judgement, and drove my stir crazy boys and one of my daughters up to a town that they were claiming was getting a good bit of snow. All the while wondering....."what in the heck am I doing??" See...if you look real close, you can see a few flakes falling around her......I said a with me here.
Meanwhile I left my oldest daughter (who was not interested in seeing the snow) add a few things to the soup and keep an eye on it.

So suffice it to say, that when I was nearly back home from our wasted trip in the quest for snow.....and I got her phone call saying, "Mom.....I think the soup is burned.....because I forgot about it", I was not happy.

No. That is an understatement. I was mad. Very mad.

Not only was I frustrated with myself for wasting the gas and time trying to find some darn snow for the boys to play in, but I was calculating how much money I had put into that triple batch of soup I had made, and then trying to figure out what our plan "B" for dinner was going to be.

My day was not going as planned. And I was not behaving like a Proverbs 31 woman. At all.

Which then of course, made me feel guilty....because we have all forgotten things on the stove and burned them. (But this was a $25 pot of soup people!!!!!!!!! And before you preach to me and tell me that it was too much to spend on need to understand that this was no ordinary pot of soup. It was a HUGE big gumbo pot, which holds 80 cups...and I was making enough soup for our family and my father-in-law who just lost his wife and loves to have soup in the freezer.) Whew....I'm really abusing these run on sentences.

I know you think the story is over, already and frankly, I wish that it were, but there's just a little more to my day. The soup? Well, you see, my husband felt sure that it would stop up our garbage disposal in the he felt we needed to dispose of it in the toilet. Mmmhmmm.......I thought the same thing.

So I of course made my daughter (the one responsible for this mess, and gave me permission to blog about it, but wasn't as keen on having her picture taken with the pot of soup), assist me in the flushing of a triple batch of soup. And if you have never done such a thing....I don't recommend it, but if you end up with a burnt batch of soup you have to dispose of...have a plunger handy. I'm just sayin'.

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