Thursday, February 11, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow........

When I was a little girl, growing up in St. Louis, I hated snow. Pretty the first day, but being the "not so outdoorsy" kind of girl that I was, I just didn't love it. And I used to ride the school bus home, looking out the window at the dreary sky, and the black slush on the side of the roads, and think to myself, "When I grow up....I want to live somewhere just like Aunt Ruth." (who lived in West Palm Beach.....a stretch I know, but kids can dream) I just didn't like it.

Well, who knew? I married a Marine, who I met in San Diego, who was from the south, but stationed in Yuma, Arizona, and I ended up in the deep south after he got out of the Marine Corps (That really should be a whole blog post all in itself....and who knows....Valentine's Day is Sunday, and I may feel inspired to share that story, but for now....I'm all off track.)......and I haven't seen a true "snow" in 21 years. I have seen some flurries, and been back home to experience it in St. Louis, but in the 21 years I have been here, I have not seen a real snow.

That's simply doesn't happen here. And that's where the story gets exciting. Because WE, my friends, are under a Winter Storm Warning. There is a possibility of sleet and snow tonight....that will possibly continue and stick to the grass tomorrow morning. And so........all the schools here are CLOSED tomorrow. And the grocery stores are packed with people that act like a category 5 hurricane is impending.

Stop laughing. If you aren't from around here, then you just don't get it. And that's okay. Neither did I when I first moved here. But you see.....we don't have snow plows or salt trucks, and worse yet.........PEOPLE HERE CAN'T DRIVE IN IT!!!!!!!!!! And that could make for some dangerous driving conditions.

And I figure, what a better day than a Friday to have a snow day? I mean, really, who doesn't want to be in the house for three consecutive days with children who have no earthly idea how quickly the snow will lose it's luster? won't be that bad, because you have to youngest children have never even SEEN it should occupy them the better part of the day....until it melts mid afternoon.

I think it's a good excuse to sleep in, take some pictures that will go down in history here, and make a big ole' pot of homemade vegetable soup. I'm just sayin'.

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