Sunday, February 28, 2010

I had no idea.......

I had no idea that when the Admissions Director at Auburn told me that we needed to wear our "walking shoes", that what she really meant to say was, "your legs will never be the same again." I'm serious.

I mean....a campus tour, in and of itself, would have been one thing. But in my naivety, I thought that it would be a great idea for us not only do a campus tour, but attend the Engineering Open House as well, AND do two separate housing tours. I mean, after one bothered to TELL me that "The Quad Center" was MILES from "The Village" housing....or that the reason there were so many more openings for the 3pm campus tour was because everyone is DEAD by that time.

Make no mistake....I started out my morning with gusto....taking every flight of stairs with enthusiasm, and thinking, "wow...just think of the calories I'm burning." That was, of course, until the "water I was drinking because I wanted to be good about drinking my water" started kicking in, and I realized that the closest bathroom was up that flight of stairs. No...wait a was DOWN those stairs....or was it? And, oh no.....where did my group go? Let's just say, shall we, that I wasn't quite as enthusiastic about the calorie burning endeavors as the day wore on. And....I would like to say....that Auburn does a good job of maintaining their restrooms. I should know. I visited them all, I think.

And frankly, the only way to truly appreciate my exhaustion at the end of that day, is to look at a picture I took off the top (yes, I said the TOP) of the Haley Center.....which is 9 stories high. Did I mention that I don't like heights? :/

And this is just a small portion of my stomping grounds for the day......I couldn't fit it all in my camera view. Just take this and multiply it by A LOT.....and you'll see why we justified eating dinner here.

And I just want to know one more thing..................

Where have the years gone? It seems like yesterday they were babies. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Awe, well I'm sure the girls had an amazing time and you will do great at your next weigh in:) You GO GIRL!

  2. awwww..... they're so big and grown up! Isn't it crazy???

  3. I was totally exhausted after we did Clayton' was the longest 4 hour was fun but I was so exhausted afterwards. I had driven 11 hours to get there! I was sure glad we decided to say at the ex-father-in-law's place in Tampa (another hour south) eleven hour drive home was not going to happen that night.

  4. Fun to see the pictures! My daughter's boyfriend went to Auburn...