Monday, February 22, 2010

I Was Determined to Win.....

That's all there was to it.

I'm off today, with plenty of laundry piles calling my name (we have already established that I am an accomplished piler...), but a project that I started weeks ago, was still unfinished thanks to a broken sewing machine, and I was determined to finish that up, so that the pile of material and sewing supplies could be put away.

I suppose a little "rewind" here would be helpful in understanding the story. A few weeks ago, I decided that I would make the boys some curtains for their bedroom. Simple, straight lines.....nothing fancy....out of some camoflauge sheets. Nothing major. However, I got one of the two panels done when my sewing machine broke....after being faithful to me for 27 years. (Yes....I have had it since I was thought it would be a good investment for me, and so she made me save my money and buy one....I wasn't thrilled at the time, but really....are we thrilled about anything our mother says we should do when we're 12???) Moving on.....
And while it has been a good machine, I did not feel like "right in the middle of my project" was a good time for it to decide that it was finished working.

So my father-in-law loaned me one of my mother-in-law's portable machines. And this is where the story gets tricky. Because as you can see.....this is no modern machine. a matter of fact, it's rather old, and not overly cooperative. So suffice it to say that I was rather excited when I found the paperwork underneath of it, to hopefully help me figure out how to use it!! Unfortunately, the mean, the directions that I found were not even for THIS sewing machine. (Are you beginning to feel my frustration?) So I begin applying my limited knowledge of sewing machines and finally get it to begin stitching, and I'm thinking....okay....just a few straight lines and I am done with this. That is, of course, until the bobbin runs out. did. And no....the little do-hicky that helps wind bobbins was not working on this my patience was beginning to run thin. All the while, the box of guessed it....were in my pantry calling my name and promising to make this frustration go far, far away.

But I wouldn't give in. Nope, I just kept pulling and tugging and re-threading, poking myself with pins and cursing under my breath, until finally......I managed to get it to sew a couple of straight lines....well, sort of straight. But who cares? They're curtains, and once they're hanging on a nice rod....who will notice?

And one would think that this was enough frustration for a day, but oh no. Not here at this house. Nope. Gotta' have just a little bit more. You know....opening up the fridge to make a sandwich only to open the jar of mayonnaise and see that it's gone. Gone. Sigh.

Did I mention the fact that there were Girl Scout Cookies in the pantry???? Yep....Thin Mints. But I was determined not to do it. I was not going to blow it, because after all.....tomorrow is weigh in day, and I am 10 pounds closer to my goal.

I think I won today. I'm just sayin'.


  1. I love, love, love reading your blog posts! Very funny indeed :o)