Sunday, January 9, 2011

Remember the old song......

"Crackers" by Barbara Mandrell? 

You know the one...."you can eat crackers in my bed.....anytime."

I can still see her 1980's hair-do and the not-so-great accoustics when she sang it on Pop Goes the Country.  Or...wait a minute....was that Hee-Haw?  What was I thinking....she had her own show! 

Geez.  I think I'm dating myself here....but I was just a mere 10 years old in cut me some slack. 

All of this is really besides the point. 

The point is.....I don't think she could have really sung that song with all of the gusto that she did.....if she had really ever had crackers in her bed.  (And I realize that she wasn't singing this song to her child....but you get the point.)

And if you have never experienced crackers in your bed....or salt, or popcorn kernels, or sand, or matchbox cars, or tiny plastic reptiles must not have children. 

But one would think, that by the time said children are teenagers, that one would not have to be fearful of what lies under the covers in their bed.  

One would be wrong.  

I'm not mentioning any names here.....but I think you can understand my frustration when I saw this....

Mmmmhmmmm.........that would be MY bed. 

To say that I was not happy....would be an understatement. 

To begin with....NO one eats is allowed to eat in my bed.....or in their beds, or any other room of the house but the kitchen at the table!!  That's my rule...always has been, always will's just the way I roll. 

Okay....I do make an exception for popcorn during movies, but not in my bed....ever. 

So I think you can understand why I was absolutely shocked when I saw the incriminating evidence. 

And a certain older sister, felt as though her snack of nuts and dried fruit was a better of choice of "food-in-moms-bed-while-watching-a-movie".  I even caught her red-handed!!!

So let me set the record straight. 

I don't care how healthy the cannot eat crackers (or anything else) in my bed anytime....or ever. 

I'm just sayin'. 

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